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  • Wang, Chunmei; Zhao, Yiguang; Aubry, Aurélie; Arnott, Gareth; Hou, Fujiang; Yan, Tianhai (Oxford University Press on behalf of the American Society of Animal Science., 2019-01)
    The objective of this study was to evaluate if high-quality grass could sustain a similar feeding efficiency to concentrate meals for two breeds of lowland ewe lambs. Sixteen lowland ewe lambs of approximately 13 mo ...
  • Crump, Andrew; Jenkins, Kirsty; Bethell, Emily J.; Ferris, Conrad P.; Kabboush, Helen; Weller, Jennifer; Arnott, Gareth (Nature, 2021-03-01)
    Allowing dairy cattle to access pasture can promote natural behaviour and improve their health. However, the psychological benefits are poorly understood. We compared a cognitive indicator of emotion in cattle either with ...
  • Rutherford, Naomi; Lively, Francis; Arnott, Gareth (Frontiers Media, 2021-04-27)
    The UK dairy herd is predominantly of the Holstein-Friesian (HF) breed, with a major emphasis placed on milk yield. Subsequently, following years of continued single-trait selection, the beef production potential of dairy ...



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