Blooms also like it cold

Cyanobacterial blooms have substantial direct and indirect negative impacts on freshwater ecosystems including releasing toxins, blocking light needed by other organisms, and depleting oxygen. There is growing concern over the potential for climate change to promote cyanobacterial blooms, as the positive effects of increasing lake surface temperature on cyanobacterial growth are well documented in the literature; however, there is increasing evidence that cyanobacterial blooms are also being initiated and persisting in relatively cold-water temperatures (< 15°C), including ice-covered conditions. In this work, we provide evidence of freshwater cold-water cyanobacterial blooms, review abiotic drivers and physiological adaptations leading to these blooms, offer a typology of these lesser-studied cold-water cyanobacterial blooms, and discuss their occurrence under changing climate conditions.
Publication history: Accepted - 30 January 2023; Published - 17 February 2023.
Reinl, K.L., Harris, T.D., North, R.L., Almela, P., Berger, S.A., Bizic, M., Burnet, S.H., Grossart, H., Ibelings, B.W., Jakobsson, E., Knoll, L.B., Lafrancois, B.M., McElarney, Y., Morales‐Williams, A.M., Obertegger, U., Ogashawara, I., Paule‐Mercado, M.C., Peierls, B.L., Rusak, J.A., Sarkar, S., Sharma, S., Trout‐Haney, J.V., Urrutia‐Cordero, P., Venkiteswaran, J.J., Wain, D.J., Warner, K., Weyhenmeyer, G.A. and Yokota, K. (2023) ‘Blooms also like it cold’, Limnology and Oceanography Letters. Wiley. Available at: