Editorial: Bovine Tuberculosis—International Perspectives on Epidemiology and Management

Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) remains a prominent zoonotic pathogen on the world stage, with significant impacts on animal and human health, and economic well-being. Eradication is hampered by a complex epidemiology, which in many countries involves wildlife hosts. Indeed, despite advances in understanding gleaned from national programs of bTB eradication, much of our understanding of transmission mechanisms, diagnostics, control, and multi-host infection systems remains opaque. In this collection of Frontiers in Veterinary Science, as editors, we felt these limitations could best be addressed by adopting an international perspective. Localism understandably focuses on the fine details of problems at hand, but can perhaps overlook issues that only become apparent when compared to the experiences of others. Below we summarize the papers published in this truly international collection, and highlight some themes. We trust readers will find these articles as stimulating to read as they were to edit.
Publication history: Accepted - 6 June 2019; Published online - 25 June 2019
bovine tuberculosis, epidemiology, eradication, international, comparison
Byrne, A. W., Allen, A. R., O’Brien, D. J. and Miller, M. A. (2019) ‘Editorial: Bovine Tuberculosis—International Perspectives on Epidemiology and Management’, Frontiers in Veterinary Science. Frontiers Media SA, 6. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2019.00202.