Contributions of tenderness, juiciness and flavor liking to overall liking of beef in Europe

This study evaluated the contributions of sensory traits to overall liking in Europe. Perceptions by untrained consumers of tenderness, juiciness, flavor liking and overall liking were determined using the Meat Standards Australia protocols. According to European consumer testing with European beef samples, flavor liking was the most important contributor (39%) to beef overall liking, followed by tenderness (31%) and juiciness (24%) (P < .05; R2 > 0.94). The improvement in tenderness over the last decades may explain the highest contribution of flavor liking nowadays. Flavor liking is therefore the main driver of variability in overall liking. Juiciness is the least robust trait which could be influenced by other traits during consumer perception. For outstanding steaks, each sensory trait should have excellent scores and high contributions to overall liking. For medium cuts, one sensory trait with a low score has the potential to be compensated by other traits with higher scores and more emphasis will be placed on the trait with the lowest perception.
Publication history: Accepted - 19 May 2020; Published online- 19 May 2020.
Beef eating quality, Flavor liking, Tenderness, Juiciness, Overall liking, European consumer
Liu, J., Ellies-Oury, M.-P., Chriki, S., Legrand, I., Pogorzelski, G., Wierzbicki, J., Farmer, L., Troy, D., Polkinghorne, R. and Hocquette, J.-F. (2020) ‘Contributions of tenderness, juiciness and flavor liking to overall liking of beef in Europe’, Meat Science, 168, p. 108190. doi: 10.1016/j.meatsci.2020.108190.