Farm Safety: A Study of Young Farmers’ Awareness, Attitudes and Behaviors

Objectives: Agriculture in the United Kingdom (UK) continues to be one of the most dangerous occupations, accounting for around a fifth of fatal workplace injuries and many other injuries, both major and minor. This study examines young farmers’ awareness of, attitude to and behaviors around safety practices on-farm. Method: A survey was undertaken amongst a group of young farmers aged 16-years and over who were actively engaged in farming in Northern Ireland, focusing on attitudes and behaviors towards safety on-farm. Drawing on previous literature, this study examined whether younger farmers demonstrate a higher degree of risk tolerance and are more likely to engage in risk taking behavior when undertaking routine farming practices leading to potential injuries and lost work-ing days. The young farmers surveyed were classified into three groups and differences in risk perception were examined. Results: The results indicate that, statistically, farmer age, intensity of farming alongside the level of farming experience contribute to incident occurrence. Our results indicate a need for attitudinal and behavioral change, particularly around risk-taking behaviors that ultimately result in farm incidents, impacting on both the performance of the farm business and individual farmer well- being. Conclusion: Policies aimed at addressing perception and acceptance of risks among farmers are recommended.
Publication history: Published online - 14 February 2023
Farm safety, young farmers, risk awareness, attitudes, behaviors and practices
Manolova, H., Jack, C., Angioloni, S. and Ashfield, A. (2023) ‘Farm Safety: A Study of Young Farmers’ Awareness, Attitudes and Behaviors’, Journal of Agromedicine. Informa UK Limited. Available at: